In those “instants,” our lives may experience joy and sorrow. Being Rudri explores the moments of gratitude that help us navigate the pendulum between happiness and sadness.

About Rudri Bhatt Patel

Welcome!  I am a lawyer turned freelance writer, essayist and editor. My essays have appeared in The Washington Post, Brain, Child, The Huffington Post and elsewhere. I am currently working on a memoir on grief and culture and how it provides me perspective on life’s ordinary graces. I invite you to appreciate the ordinary with me. I hope my daily practice of seeing the magic in the mundane helps you celebrate and find more of these moments in your life too.

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On Lightness and Darkness

On a recent drive home, I observed a marriage in the sky. Light and dark, blurring into one another, the white announcing its presence, while the grey forms a backstory. I’ve contemplated the pendulum between happiness and light and sadness and darkness in this...

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I do this meme from time to time and I thought it might be fun to revisit it again. This is what is happening in my world, right now: What I Am Listening To: I am listening to a variety of tunes. I love Alessia Cara’s, “Here” and “River of...

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Some Thoughts on a Midlife Birthday

On September 20th I turn forty-something. This birthday I’m contemplating past celebrations. Birthdays were small-big in my childhood home. We made a huge deal out of our birthdays by a single, small gesture – buying a cake with bright pink or purple or...

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What Currency Do I Value?

Last month I wrote a piece about how vulnerable I felt when an individual asked whether I made revenue as a writer. It exposed places of doubt, uncertainty and feelings of restlessness, but it pushed me to think about an important question: What currency do I value?...

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Separate the Quiet from the Noise

Over the weekend, the gloaming of the sun pushed me to sit with the quiet. I wasn’t always adept at identifying that I not only crave quiet, but need it to live a contented life. In my early thirties, I’d sense a thrum of discontent after attending a party...

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Doubting, Despite the Beauty

Last week I caught this brilliant sunset as I walked outside. The rays stretched their arms, while the clouds embraced the flicker.  Witnessing this radiance startled me, only because in the last few months I’ve paid more attention to the struggle, despite the...

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A Few Friday Faves

I am a voracious reader and every week I come across either a book, online piece or website I want to share with others. I’ve decided to curate these gems and highlight them on Friday. I hope you find these faves as insightful as I do. Messy people can rejoice. For...

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The Thing About Success

That’s the thing about success… it’s only satisfying if it’s defined by you and influenced most deeply by the people you love and trust. Every era will have its dominant narrative about [what success is]… It’s easy to swallow that narrative whole without inspecting it...

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