This picture was taken the night before my sister’s wedding.  In the last few days my eyes keep focusing on our smiles and how the picture always falls short in conveying everything.  I’ve thought about what I want to say about them, but, as the cliché goes, no words will completely express our love for one another.

My mother and sister are an integral part of my circle of love. I admit, despite my constant awareness of the pendulum swing, I sometimes take them for granted. These two women always carve out a place for me. Even when I am wrong or take a stance that they both view as irrational, in their own way they support me. Sometimes there is silence when we all disagree, but eventually we always come back to one another. That’s the essence. My mom and sister have my back and are the keeper of  the best and worst parts of me.

Looking at them, my heart not only knows home and  I feel that sense in my veins. So much, too much has passed between those smiles. We’ve witnessed  love, loss, sadness, dances, fights, and jokes. There are times when we separate, but then, pull together. The core of our relationship is unstructured and has no grammar to it, but ultimately, the three of us have learned to navigate toward unchartered terrain.  It’s a deep kind of love, the one you must experience to know it’s there. I consider myself lucky to have these two women in front, in back, and all around me.

I love you, mom and sister.

Image by Greg Blomberg Photography

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