Every month I chronicle those everyday things that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for September:

1. This Pen

I love walking into an office supply store to experiment with new pens. I enjoy anticipating how the pen will land on the paper. When I am finished writing, I judge the arc of the letters to determine if I like the pen enough to buy it. During my birthday this month, one of my dearest and closest friends gave me a hand crafted fountain pen made by a local artist. Although I’ve always loved pens, I’ve never owned a fountain pen.



2. This Wood Carved Sign

It may come as no surprise that I love the Lord of Rings trilogy. Some of my favorite scenes involve the Shire, the idyllic land that is inhabited by the Hobbits. The Shire is a place of love and depicts the comforts of home. At our home, above the door, we’ve placed a wood sign that is carved with the words, the Shire. I adore this simple, but meaningful delight.


3.  Cards in the Mail 

Walking to my postal box and getting the mail is one of my favorite everyday delights. I know many complain that the only thing waiting for them are a bundle of bills, but during September I usually get a few birthday cards in the mail. This year I received not one, but four cards from friends. It means so much to see a handwritten note/card that you can relish opening, since so much of our communication centers around email and texting.




4. Surprises 

The night before my birthday, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and my sister appeared on my welcome mat. She flew down to join my mom (who flew down earlier in the month) to help celebrate my birthday. I felt comforted by having my favorite women in the same room with me all throughout the weekend.


What were some of your everyday delights in September?

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