I am a voracious reader and every week I come across either a book, online piece or website I want to share with others. I’ve decided to curate these gems and highlight them on Friday. I hope you find these faves as insightful as I do.

  • “What separates people who are able to master life’s challenges — job changes, relationships, moves — from those who are overwhelmed in the face of the same obstacles?”  Find out how emotional agility can ease life’s complicated situations. 
  • What ages are people the happiest? Check out this study and find out the answer. Do you agree?
  • I love the podcast, Criminal, which tells the “stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.” Episode #49, titled “The Editor,”  resonated with me, but many of the podcasts are fascinating narratives about people and subjects that are interesting and insightful.

What are your favorite reads this week?

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