Every month I chronicle those ordinary delights that give me comfort or offer a place of reflection or joy. Here are my everyday delights for June:

1. Horseshoe Bend: This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit a few local tourist attractions with friends. Part of our travels took us to Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona. I attempted to capture the view of the Colorado River surrounded by mountains. One word – breathtaking.


2. This quote: I had a chance to spend the weekend with friends in Ojai, California. As we walked the streets of this quaint and quiet city, we visited a small gift shop. I found one of my favorite quotes of all time embossed on a ceramic tile. Now these words hang in my office as a reminder.


3. This bookstore: Independent bookstores are quirky and fun to visit. Bart’s Books is the world’s greatest outdoor bookstore. I loved that the store closes at sunset.


4. This unexpected Thank You card: Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a special affinity for visiting the mailbox. Bills are a typical expectation, but sometimes I receive cards and thank you notes in the mail too. Those days are special and this past week, I received a lovely gift and thank you card from a good friend who thought of me while she traveled Europe. These kind of unexpected good surprises are the best.

What were your everyday delights for June?

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